BWRT Coaching

Coaching is not mentoring or teaching it is a system of motivating personal development and realisation which encourages the client to take responsibility for their own destiny. It is completely client focused and bespoke to the particular challenges the client might face.  Because, it is completely client led, the client is empowered to assume ownership of any success or failure throughout the process and in doing so, is encouraged to find solutions to any challenges encountered during the coaching process.

BWRT coaching starts with a personality profiling exercise using the world-famous Warriors, Settlers and Nomads system, the system developed by psychologist Terence Watts (MCGI) also uses an energetic coaching method encompassing elements of BWRT®, and SymbioDynamics®.  Finding out a client’s personality type or combination type instigates an understanding of the necessity to know why a particular goal or ambition is the right fit for or not.  Coaching will also help to put in perspective the real challenges one could possibly face on the journey to achieving a goal.

When an individual considers coaching they could of most likely pondered upon their dilemma for long enough to have become subconsciously aware of the difficulties they face, or they have attempted to achieve their goal without success or limited success.  In both instances the situation will act as a severe limiting or self-destructive structure, which more often than not has become entrenched and the belief in being stuck behind a solid brick wall has become a subconscious reality and their inability to knock down the wall has become their whole reason for not trying.

BWRT coaching can show you how to knock through your wall of doubt, self-limiting belief and hidden agendas and bring you a whole new focus on your goal or indeed suggest that you adopt a new one.