Embrace Everything in Life, Even Stress and Look Upon it as an Opportunity to Grow

In order to answer this question, you first have to understand the nature of stress and both the positive and sometimes negative impact it can have on the human psyche.

Stress is the mind and body’s natural way of dealing with something it doesn’t normally have to deal with. For example, you might feel some mild stress when you have to give your first presentation to a group of strangers, meet people for the first time, both at work and in a social situation, learn to drive or take an examination, this is known as Eustress – good stress, the stress which keeps your mind and your determination to succeed active. What you need to avoid is distress which is overwhelming and as such can lead to anxiety and depression.

Eustress helps us stay focused and driven to achieve greatness, it helps athletes run their best race, it lets artists and actors do their best work. Exciting stress causes a positive chemical reaction in the brain and encourages and empowers your emotional, psychological and physical development.

On the other hand, distress causes anxious thoughts and feelings because your emotional, physical and mental abilities are stretched and inadequate to support the demands you are facing.

In order to maintain your mental wellbeing, there needs to be a healthy balance of stress because it is a normal part of life. You may not have complete control over some of the negative stress you encounter, but it is necessary to look for ways to include increased incidences of Eustress in your life.

“It’s not the stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it” – Hans Selye

If you want to know more I suggest that you research Eustress and Distress.

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I am a clinical psychotherapist and I have been helping people for a number of years with their mental health issues. I mostly now specialise in working with people who are suffering from anxiety, stress and mild depression. Although, I have over the years helped people deal with their fears and phobias using a number of psychological tools and techniques I am qualified to deliver. Due to the unprecedented times as a nation, we are facing I have decided that I will be continuing to work with any prospective and established clients both here and worldwide, remotely, at maintaining their positive mental health and wellbeing, whilst at the same time volunteering for Anxiety UK and working with those staff who are working on the frontline of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the NHS.


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